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A case for simplicity

August 19 2016 | ,

I’ve been a chef for almost three decades, and I think it’s time to go back to basics in terms of descriptions on menus. If I find them annoying, then I hate to think how Joe Public feels!¬†

“Foam of vanilla and sea bass, pineapple carpaccio and pressed sorrel air”


Does it really matter that the “Sausage of the week” was reared no more than “20 yards from this very restaurant” and that it was raised on organic yoghurt and is only available 6 weeks a year?

How about whether it tastes nice or not? That’s probably more relevant.

Now I am in no way against regional foods, I constantly encourage people to buy local and share the knowledge but there is a limit.

“Brian Thompson’s Award-Winning Lincolnshire apple and cider sausages, on a bed of Dyson’s dairy creamed Jersey royal potatoes, with a Mrs Hubbard’s sweet red currant onion marmalade and a Aberdeen angus reduced stock sauce”


“Traditional Bangers and Mash with rich onion gravy”

(Please see blackboard for details of local suppliers used).

Menus, like life, are much better when they’re simpler.