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A question of tips

August 12 2016 | ,

The arguments for and against tipping fail to go away; with people often extremely-passionate on both sides of the debate.

How much to tip? When do I tip? Should I tip? Who gets the tips? The conversation is often circular.

And the answer is really quite simple.

Did you enjoy great service, worthy of a tip? If so, leave a tip. If not, then don’t.

In the majority of establishments, all staff involved in providing the food and drink you’ve enjoyed will receive an equitable share of any tip you provide.

  • The pot wash, as the chef needs plates
  • The chef, as the plate needs food
  • The waiter, as the plate needs delivering
  • The bar staff, as the customer needs a drink.

tipppingBut it only takes one of these components to sway the customer into not tipping.

So, ask yourself the question: “do I think the Team deserves a tip?”

How much though? Tip what you feel the ‘experience’ merits, with most people choosing somewhere in the region of 10-12.5 per cent.

And don’t forget service charge is optional. Though not everybody will tell you this.

Recently, “the bride” and I were celebrating some good news with a bottle of champagne at a bar in Leeds. When the bill arrived, a 12.5 per cent service charge had been added. A little cheeky as we were sat some five feet from the bar, and the barman had done nothing more than turn around and reach into a fridge. That’s wrong. So I “opted” not to pay it.

A tip is a bonus, a thank you to a team of people for a job well done. It shouldn’t be an expectation but it’s a great way to say “thanks”. It’s your decision.

Photo by Lea Latumahina, Creative Commons license.